Natural Selection

Biology Collaborative Group

How would you define Formative Assessment?
  • Feedback for students in a timely manner prior to any summative
  • Must inform and form instruction

What was new or surprised you?
  • Assessment that is strictly summative can have negative impacts.
  • The important role of discussion in the process of student learning and more importantly how the teacher responds to the students' comments.

What are the implications for our work within collaborative groups?
  • We need to retrain our students so they stop seeing their education as earning points and start seeing it as learning - changing the way they think.
  • We need to work on how we lead discussions, specifically how we respond to students
  • We need to incorporate more self-assessment opportunities for students into our classes
  • We need to continue to work on developing opportunities for all pupils to think and express their ideas.

What additional information do you need with respect to formative assessments?