Reflection for the Black Box Article:
What black box?! Where?!!!

Here are the guidelines for your collaborative conversations:
1) Read the article titled, "Inside the Black Box"
2) Create a wiki page for your group reflections, inside this wiki page. Make the name something descriptive, so the content of your group can be identified (i.e. Science 1).
3) Reflect on the following questions within the wiki page you created for your group (copy and paste them into your new wiki page).
  • How would you define Formative Assessment?
Assessment which is used by the teacher to determine how to proceed with future instruction.
  • What was new or surprised you?
Probably that there was such extensive research to support the notion that formative assessment is key to improving teaching and learning.
  • What are the implications for our work within collaborative groups?
We can discuss how to help each other improve our use of formative assessment in our own teaching.
  • What additional information do you need with respect to formative assessments?
The more specific examples of how F. A. is used by colleagues that we can be exposed to, the better.

4) Read other group reflections by clicking on links to the left (refresh your page if you aren't seeing any links).