The Social Department

  • How would you define Formative Assessment?
    • An assessment that is taken in the learning process
  • What was new or surprised you?
    • It surprised me that the article is more than 10 years old.
    • Nothing new that we haven't already talked about as a group.
  • What are the implications for our work within collaborative groups?
    • We need more time to work within our group because the allotted time is not appropriate. We felt that the setting up of wikis in the am was supposed to take 5 min, not 35, therefore the complete article was not read, by all due to time constraints.
  • What additional information do you need with respect to formative assessments?
    • At this point, we don't really need any more information other than examples of what people are actually doing in the classroom. We learn best by seeing what other people DOING, not by looking at the "theory" of what teaching is.