Ann Lee
Nancy Svien
Kim Burnett
De Anna Tibben

  • How would you define Formative Assessment?
    • learning is driven by what teachers do and by what students do
    • teachers have to make the "inside work better"
      • raise standards
      • provide support
      • encourage discussions
      • use assessment "scores" or "results" as guides
  • What was new or surprised you?
    • Confirmation - raising standards DOES help all students!
    • nothing new
      • james webb said article 10+ years - Dewey from 1930s still relevant!
  • What are the implications for our work within collaborative groups?
    • we need to not focus on quantity but quality within our classrooms
      • what are the implications of Iowa Core? Should we re-look at GEs and CLEs????
    • feedback - metacognition (advice on learning) rather than marks and grading scores
    • rather than "right" answers we should provide experiences in which students find the process of the answers
    • ALL students can succeed!
    • Learning AIMS (CLE's and GE's) must guide experiences, lessons, assessments, etc.
    • Teachers must be realistic in goals
  • What additional information do you need with respect to formative assessments?
    • Purposeful teacher actions of looking at student writing and listening to student talk within the confines of a 43 or 33 minute class time. What are some skills teachers need to have and how to improve those skills?
      • "There are... two consequences... because the only questions that can produce answers in such a short time are questions of fact, these predominate." What does this mean for science double labs? It should justify maintaining them! Students need time to develop, answer, and re-develop follow-up questions (Socratic learning). This way ALL students involved in the learning process!
    • We need support for all of our initiatives. How do we address "all of this" with all of our students, our wide range of students, we can't get kids to class on time, students show up hungry or late or without needed materials. We're not complaining... we truly need help! Which fire to we put out first????T
    • This appears to be a really good article... but we did NOT have time to read and meaningfully process the content. The above info is just "going through the motions" to turn in the assignment. This is not our best work - it is just getRdun. Too bad we didn't get this before break to read and then today to process. (Yes, we really would have read it over break.) :-)